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New Product Launch Fuda Replacement Electronic Actuator Gearbox


Fuda is delighted to launch a new range of replacement electronic actuator gearboxes and repair kits to the professional turbocharger repair market.

We are pleased to bring a solution to the long standing problem of failed gearboxes on electronic actuators. Gearboxes fail when the
VNT mechanism sticks - the failure mode is either through power overload on the motor or failure of the gear parts .

For a 100% quality repair, Fuda recommends replacing the whole gearbox, rather than repairing the internal parts. It is difficult to accurately diagnose what condition the gears or motor are in, or how close they are to failing. Attempting to repair the individual gearbox components can result in premature failure once fitted back onto the turbo.

Now the gearbox we can provide as follows :

G-001,G-01,G-02,G-004,G-009,G-13(3 Models 6nw009412 712120,6nw009550 767649,6nw009543 763767 ),G-16,G-17,G-19,G-20,G-21,G-22,G-24,G-25,G-26,G-27,G-30,G-31,G-031,G-32,G-33(2 Models),G-34,G-35,G-36,G-38,G-41,G-42,G-43,G-45,G-47,G-047P,G-48,G-048,G-49,G-50,G-52,G-53(2 Models),G-59(767649 6nw009550;761963 6nw009483),G-62,G-63,G-64,G-66,G-67,G-70,G-72(2 Models),G-74,G-77,G-79,G-82,G-88 benz,G-88 FORD,G-90,G-93,G-98,G-103,G-107,G-108,G-109,G-118,G-124,G-125,G-138,G-139,G-144,G-149,G-167,G-169,G-177,G-185,G-186,G-187,G-203,G-206,G-208,G-219,G-221,G-222,G-257,G-271,G-276,G-277,
59001107237 6NW010099-07
59001107238 6NW010099-08
59001107188 6NW010099-09
797862-0031 6NW010099-16
797862-0027 6NW010099-20
797862-0036 6NW010099-22
797862-0036  E.000181-108 676357 33/14 568765 51/13
797862-0041  E.000181-128  642193 22/14 
797863-0072  E.002242-770  589587 03/14
1234  123.456-78
6NW 010 430-00
59001107239 6NW010430-03
49335-19410 6NW010430-04
797863-0077 6NW010430-10
797863-0047 6NW010430-12
59001107213 6NW010430-18
59001107214 6NW010430-19
797863-0073 6NW010430-22
797863-0058 6NW010430-25
797863-0090 6NW010430-26
797863-0072 6NW010430-29
797863-0085 6NW010430-30
797863-0089 6NW010430-37
49335-19411 T2
6NW008091 M67
5900911-9118 E.002242-968 557144
59001107238 6NW010099-08
6NW010099-16 797862-0031

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