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complete NEW aftermarket Turbo Actuator GEARBOX

FUDA offers a complete NEW aftermarket Turbo Actuator GEARBOX,Calibrated and fully assembled aluminum housing with motor, gears.
The aftermarket replacement is available for the following Gearbox numbers:
If you need the others, send me the sample, I will complete the assemble in 3 days since receive your samples.
It will be very easy and simple as the follows step:
1.remove clips
2.remove the control unit (black plastic cover) from the Gearbox the new control unit (black plastic cover) on the Gearbox (same Gearbox number)
4.attach the six clips
5.Perform a function test for complete Actuator with a Turbo Actuator tester. (for example with the ATD-1 or the VNTT-pro).
When you have any question, contact with ours.

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